Is it worth investing in apps?

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Many companies, when they receive a budget for the development of their idea in an application, start to think twice about whether the investment is really worth it. That’s why we have separated some reasons for you to consider the application as a relevant strategy. One of the main reasons is, according to a Google survey, between 2014 and 2015 there was an increase of 112% in the use of smartphones to access the internet. This shows that mobile devices are already a reality in the daily lives of Brazilians. The forecast is that by 2021 we will reach more than 8.6 billion units of cell phones, 1.8 billion computers and tablets, and 15.7 billion units of devices that have the internet of things.


As if these data were not enough to tell us that applications will be essential in people’s lives for the next few years, EBIT’s research also pointed out that from December 2016 to December 2017, the participation of smartphones in Brazilian online purchases would 16% and would reach 32%. In July of this year, the institute needed to retract itself, as Brazil had just reached the goal.


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And what do all these numbers mean?


People today spend more time with their smartphones than with their families. New companies appear every day, and most of them already have a mobile product as their main idea. So what are you waiting for to get your idea off the ground? Get your share in that market before it’s too late. After all, your competitor is just a click away.


Mobile Application or Site?


When we analyze the digital landscape of Brazil and its growth forecast, mainly in the mobile data traffic part, it is not strange to think that your company needs to make this change. Many assume it is true that to be part of this mobile world they need to have an app to call their own. But is this really the solution that your company needs? Knowing this doubt, we at DevMaker have separated some questions that help you determine what to invest in.


An application serves at least one of these functions: making life easier, cheaper and/or more fun. People use their cell phones to save or kill time. Your application to succeed at least one of these objectives, always in a way to bring some kind of benefit. The mobile website is very close to the responsive website, that is, a simplified version of your corporate website. This is an option when your idea does not require interaction with the user.


7 metrics for a successful application


Many of our customers ask us what criteria they can use when evaluating the success of their application among users. There are several variables that influence this result, but within those the DevMaker team separated the 7 that every application entrepreneur should keep an eye on when evaluating the result of their project! It is the metric made by users, who rate stars (from one to five) for the application’s performance. Many people take this metric into account before downloading or purchasing an app.


Session Duration

This metric shows the amount of time users are spending on the app per session. The more engaged users are, the longer the session will be.


Measures consumer loyalty, that is, the return for new purchases. It represents the value of the application and how much each user is worth to him. From this metric, it is possible to create strategies to further increase the loyal audience.

Abandonment Rate

It is the interruption rate of the shopping process, in which the user inserts an item in the cart, but does not complete the purchase. By decreasing this rate, the conversion rate improves significantly.

 Retention Rate


Retention is measured as the percentage of users who return to the application, based on the first visit. Based on this index, it is possible to identify which internet users are most valuable and engaged, in order to create more opportunities for segmentation and personalization of experience with the application.


 Acquisition Channels


This metric allows showing how the user found the application, since there is a wide variety of channels, and also to know how Internet users behave. In addition, it is possible to compare which channels have the best cost-benefit.


Transition Revenue


Value of transactions supported by an application. It is directly linked to e-commerce operations, such as shopping, travel and financial services.

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