How to Deal With Big Dreams of Your Child

child astronaut

How to Deal With Big Dreams of Your Child

We have all been there, either wanting the impossible or being on the hearing end of the idea. And adults we can handle. If a friend told you about his dream of building a new type of school, you are likely not going to dismiss it immediately. At least not before you asked them about how they are going to do it.

But kids don’t have the knowledge and the ‘how to’. They want. They dream of changing the world, they dream of exploring space.

What should you tell them?

I want to be an astronaut

kid dreams space

We are living in a brilliant time. An adult person can work at a car wash, play casino games on his or her phone and win the jackpot on one of the new slot sites for UK players.

Or your child can dream to become an astronaut. A real one. Many of us didn’t have that as children because U.S. stopped their space exploration program. But our kids and grandkids will be able to become astronauts if they want to.

And they will need your support. They will see (and meet) astronauts like Peggy Whitson who recently returned after the longest space mission.

And they will have the technology. Recently Elon Must bashed U.S. governments on pulling the reigns on their space exploration programs. ‘We should be living on the Moon by now he said.

As we all know, Musk is not the one to talk empty. Not only he has presented a plan to build a Moon base, but plans to send people to live on Mars in 6 years.

Kids will be kids

child thinking about space

It is easy to say that. Of course, kids dream of a myriad of things. All at once. But it really important to show them that everything is impossible. There is no reason why it wouldn’t be possible. In fact, the phrase that anything is possible has never been more true.

While there is no need to satisfying child’s every whim, showing them how they could reach their dreams could do wonders.

For example, if your child wants to be among people who colonize Mars and the Moon, buy them a little land there. As far as we are concerned, buying property on the Moon is not the wisest financial decisions. But whether you actually pay $30 for a couple of acres or simply print out a fake certification, it doesn’t really matter. However, this sort of thing would encourage them and remind them of their dream every time the sun sets.


Education systems have been focusing on obedience for the last 100 years. It’s time we bring creativity and imagination to the forefront. Support your kids. Even if you don’t completely see how that is possible today, during the next 50 years space exploration will be one of the biggest themes in technology.

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